Tuesday, 25 March 2014

What's up with THE LIVING ROOM!?

Hey guys big news that I've kinda bean keeping secret because I didnt want any of you getting your hopes up......So basically my mum was out in day on Facebook and saw this call out asking for people who need a room renovated so CLEARLY as you would mum applied to get my brothers room renovated by this AWESOME show "The Living room" (on channel ten on Fridays 7:30 Aussie EST) and one day when she was at work she was having her break WHEN SHE got a call back saying "SOMEONES COMING TO LOOK AT THE ROOM" (insert dramatic music here)  which is AWESOME

So we tidied it and made sure it's MEGA PERFECT and when the lady came he next day we made sure we were in extra nice mode AND we pulled out  ALL THE CARDS!  Such as the

"Offering them drinks card"
Or the "showing them the adorable cats card"
And the "innocent kid you would want to let down card"

Though I'm not that young but WHATEVER!

THEN we did an interview and she said "I will let you know by next week"

So flash forward and we get a call...........saying WERE ON THE SHORTLIST!!! ( EEEK!!) AND WE WILL RECIVE A VISIT FROM THE RENOVATION ORGANISER TOMMOROW!! (aka today)

Ok so when SHE came we pulled all the same cards she said she would call us  later that day......SO!! We!.....waited....and waited......and waited a little more......then waited a tiny bit more...AND........WE GOT A CALL SAYING.................,(drum roll please)....

WE ARE ON THE SHOW!!!!!! :D XD :) X) O-o 8D :3  YAAAAAY!!!! (Insert party music here)

And the designer will see us tommorow

Sooo...yeah that's pretty FRIGGIN EPIC!! I will keep you updated but for now I will see you lovely readers later! <3 



(DISCLAIMER!!! When I discovered these bands I didn't have the full story so basically the original design if the whole rubber band bracelets started with something called "Rainbow Loom" and it was a family company but now SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE RIPPED THEM OFF and now rainbow looms are rare and the rippoffs are everywhere! It's really sad and please if you're going to get one make sure it's not a ripoff just check the look has This on it

But when I wrote this post I didn't know! So for that reason I still refer to them as LoomBands not rainbow loom because they ARE NOT RAINBOW LOOM!!)

Hey guys!! So yeah sorry about the non regular-ness  of this blog but whatever :)
So I've come across these things none as "loom bands" or "rainbow looms" which are if you didn't know DIY rubber band bracelets. 
So the idea behind them is that you use this loom to create bracelet designs by looping the rubber bands around the pegs in it.
Flash back a few days and I'm sitting on my bed searching for bracelets you can make without a loom,  because it turns out chop sticks and forks work well too, I made a few beginner designs and then decided to order a loom set on eBay.

Flash forward and I'm sitting here with the parcel,

So now I'm going to show you the content of the box,
So obviously it comes with the loom, no too sturdy and mine comes in a green colour, which I know varies because I've seen ones with pink, blue, etc. 

It also comes with a  bag of rubber bands that you'll actually use to make the jewelry,

An instruction sheet, that shows you how to make a simple  bracelet using the loom,

Some clips that link the ends of the jewlery together,

The hook that sometimes helps get the bands,
And finally it comes with  a bag of pendants/charms and attachments you can incorporate into your designs.

Well now that we know what's in it I'm going to show you how to make a simple bracelet with only : a S-Clip, Some LoomBands, and FINGERS! :)
1- get your first band and clip it on your S-Clip like so,

2- fold it in half and put your fingers through the middle to widen the opening
3-get your next band fold it in half and thread it through the last one 

4-keep repeating step 3 until you have a long enough band to go around your wrist or finger if your doing a ring, it should look like this,
5- link the ends of your bracelet together by using the S-Clips other side if you have a C-Clip it's pretty much the same, just link it in the other side
And there you have it your very one rubber band bracelet) you can find many different designs on YouTube by searching "bracelets no loom" here's the names of the ones I made I case you like them
Left to right: Single, HexaFish, Fishtail, Dragon Scale.

See you lovely readers later! <3