Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I don't know

Ok so this is a really short blog post just to say sorry! I haven't posted for a while and there really isn't much new! Sorry guys! I don't know what you want me to post about! But I can show you some rainbow loom stuff or if I get any new stuff I can do a review or something? Help me! I just don't know what to post about :( 
Don't judge this epic picture!!!!!!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Nothing much new

Hey guys so um yeah I've been away for a BILLION YEARS!! And yeah, DONT HATE ME!
So sorry if this post has hardly any reading/interestin stuff in it. Oh and tell me in the comments if my "boring" post uploaded. Thanks.

But um yeah seriously NOTHING new has happened. Other than getting new glasses:

And they are KINDA (ok they ARE) Calvin Klein ;)
And they are SUPER JAZZY!!

Oh and I can't upload videos to YouTube because YouTube capture stuffed up and says my uploads are queued (queue is a word Aussies and Brits use that means a "line" for you Americans! We would say "I'm going to get a good spot in the queue" not "I'm going to get a good spot in the line") meaning I might need to get a new YouTube account....:(

Oh and here is some AWESOME HAPPINESS! I'm spreading it around!

Oh and for your entertainment,  here's some photo shop before and afters I Made!

(Me /\ don't judge)


Sooo....... Um, see you lovely readers later?