Wednesday, 12 February 2014


(A renamed updated version of "PIGGIES!!") 

Hey guys welcome back to REGULAR RANDOMS! So this is the page where you'll be able to access my growing collection of...(#DrumRollPlease).....PIGS!! 

So without further-a-do HERES GILBERT:


Gilbert is awesome and he was given to me by my AMAZING friend (no names but u know who u r) for Christmas! He was bought at a craft fair in October, and I LOVE HIM!

Next up we have JIMMY:

Jimmy was bought at a store called "morning glory" which sells heaps of other ADORABLE stuff, he's super soft and you can use him as a great pillow in car trips!

Now we have BILLY:

Billy (aka Ipig) is an IPOD DOCKING STATION ! I got him for Xmas from my mum (THX  MUM! XD). And  he's super awesome and his mouth lights up green when plugged in!

Now it time for BOB:

Yeah I made Bob......and he's jazzy he was made out of cartoon clay and came in a set which showed you  how to make him

Now it's time for WILLIAM:

William was bought at target for $5 at Xmas time. He is super soft and cute and my cat LOVES playing

Moving on to PIPA:

(Yes she's a lala-loopsy)  isn't she cute though?? <3 she's made of plastics but she comes with removable overalls!

Now you'll see GEORGIE:

YOU GUESSED IT! He's a pillow pet! XD my BFF who gave me Gilbert bought me this before she left for Spain!....:(

So that concludes my growing collection of pigs! Follow me for more Randoms! See you lovely readers later! And may the odds be ever in your favor! Good byeeeeee! 


  1. Ver nice collection you have there lass..very nice indeed...

  2. I would love to see a photo of the Ipig with his mouth lit up!