Sunday, 13 April 2014


OK OK I GET IT ! I HAVEN'T BEEN POSTING FOR A WHILE!! OK i haven't posted in to BILLION years! but as i said in my last post its REALLY crazy lately! but yeah THIS came in the mail a week ago
yeah well i WAS going to do a review on it BUT i kinda used HEAPS of the bands and stuff REALLLLLLLLYYYY (I MEAN REALLY) FAST! its not empty yet but its certainly well....used......

because i got excited and make charms and complex bracelets but mostly charms AND  a hook cosy! i will post pic when i get my Ipad back....that's another story BUT
any way if i DID do a review i would say

 "if you like rainbow loom but you don't have a loom or many bands or even if you just like making crafty friendship bracelets and stuff, this is a BRILLIANT product!!"

 (be ware though because the auctions don't go cheap and neither does the buy it now but if you can afford it GO FOR IT...get yours here!!

OK so now that's out of the way here comes AN UPDATE OF DESTINY!!! (insert Hallelujah chorus here) 

so you know how i said we had  filming tomorrow in my last post? well that was ages ago and it happened and it was JAZZY  so yup.....any way here's the run through

i woke up at 6:30 AM

the crew (producer, camera guy, sound guy,) arrive at 7:00 AM (which is early by my standards)

then the designers came around 7:00 and filmed them in the room,

 then the host (Barry Du Bois) arrived,
 and after that we did an interview with all of us for like FIFTY HUNDRED HOURS!!!
and then they filmed me jumping onto my bed with my ipad (!?)...... to show how nice my room is compared to my brothers ;) .....BTW we had to re shoot like 7 i know its weird......

then they filmed an interview with my mum for like AN HOUR

then they filmed my brothers in their room for ages and then
did some random other techy stuff and by that time it was like 2:30 
and we died of exhaustion.......OK maybe not

but tomorrow they are coming to film some stuff that we don't need to be in....ands on Wednesday its the big reveal and yeah......

so just before i end this post I'm going to  tell you The ipad story thing,

so the reason i cant do photos is because one day i took my ipad mini and its charger to my nans house because it was on low charge and i was planning on charging It there, but then i didn't end up charging it and a=i FORGOT TO TAKE THE CHARGER HOME!!!!!!!! so my ipad was on %7 of charge and i tried to get the auto  charge app BUT NOPE!  it ran out of battery before i could so um that's great...NOT....oh and btw the reason that effects photos its because i usually blog on my ipad and i have all my photos on that..

so um 

see you lovely readers later! <3

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